Friday, 11 April 2014

We are now on the moving, Lock Stock and Barrel


Over the last few days I have been moving things into the flat.  We had a friend help us out with larger items, including a table and Tv. The only two major things now, are a bed and sofa, which we are buying new, and as reasonable as possible
The net, I sorted out through Sky, which should be better. Although to my shock, I am unable to get Fibre Optic in this area, which is about of an arse, I have to say.
I have seen a few people on social media, moving recently, One subject that came up was, redirecting mail.  The Post Office actually charge  £30 for this. I am just going make a list of all the people/companies that send me mail and who I order through, including Amazon and change my address
I have the weekend off and gradually moving throughout the weekend

The extra
When you move into a place, the extras are, water, electric and council tax. It's standard with any place you rent or however you arrange this.  I have no problem paying bills, as long as I have the guns to do it. It's going to be a squeeze, but, as always, you pay for what you use, at a cost, of cours

Radio and video update
As below, this is just a hobbie. I love live radio broadcasting and people like what I do. Of course,cit an out going cost that will never be recouped, other than my job way, feel free to donate to the radio cause.  I am still considering a subscription service for content I record and film, have to see

Original blog

I have been trying to fund moving for a number of years, but it has never been enough, which is frustrating.  Finding money via job and moving to a flat is not an easy task. Depends on your skill set and who takes you on, then you save money

For me, i have been working in sweet shop since last September(2013). I am no longer gardening as that was not enough, although I loved doing it.  I now have more work hours, via the shop.  I have thought about getting assistant via Housing benefit, but many landlords do not like that and to be honest, neither do I and I agree with it (If you need it, you need it) I have leaned on people long enough. I pay certain bills, but to be honest,  i am glad the time has come. The benefit route was an idea, as a top up, incased what i earned was not enough, but the paperwork has gotten ridiclous. My thought process as always been, make you own money, and fund it that way. It has now happened

Over the last few weeks, i have seen a number of one bedroom flats show up. I went round to look at  a few ( Outside, as i had no keys) and just to have a feel of where they were. 9th April, i viewed a flat, which is in the center of town.. Its a studio layout and within my budget. I am moving in April 28th
I have found a flat in town and will be gradually moving in over the course of the week after that and probably more as i work during the day

Radio and video

This still continues, although i have reduced my live radio broadcasts to once a week.
To keep a balance, i have began the "RVS Sunday Vlog".  This is focusing on music submissions i receive, news i see or get, subscribers to various social channel and Youtubers who i have found like, or any other way it happens

As you might have guessed and i have mentioned it in a number of places, radio is a hobbie, it has never made money. I have had equipment and a few financial donations, which i am always grateful for. People like what i do and they have supported my efforts to promote quality music.
My posters were donatecto me by Lisa Ann, show does them in her free time
You can't rely on donations to make a living, reason why i work for a living.

Moving was the first step, after finding work in the first place. Gardening and cleaning i loving doing, but it was not sustaining an income as i thought it would

I have seen many times, that people asumme, believe that anything on the net( Unless its a shop) should be free. Whatever you do on the net, there are bills to be paid. Everyone who has an internet connection pays a bill to be on the net. With radio, no matter what you do, either show or a stations, there come extra bills and the one thing that sucks it up the most, is time. The work industry, this is called "Labour Time" or whatever the modern term is.
Everything in your life takes time do to. People that put effort into creating something, it takes time

I thought i would just update this, to iron out some corrections. There will be another blog on this as soon as things more. I will add an "Update" at the top

Thanks for reading

To donate to the radio and video cause general information

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