Tuesday, 22 April 2014

(Music Review) Blackdoghat - BARK! ep

Nice experience to the ears from Blackdoghat, BARK!

Here we have 6 songs, Already gone, Come to town, Drown in me, Just for the hell of it, Senseless and Soul on Fire, is a mixture of a rerecording from, Planetarium and songs that John has had recorded as demos and  rough ideas on Soundcloud. There are several differences to the first album. They have gone back to basics, less studio overdubbing with just Acoustic guitars, harmonies with Ian Nicholson and the introduction of Tine Wulf on, Cello from Germany. She was in the studio with them, no file sharing.

One of the songs which works well with vocals guitar and the cello, is, Senseless, just a fantastic blend of string instruments.  Ever since i heard Ian and John together in singing harmony, they fit like a glove together. They bought this to the recordings.

I love the crow effects at the beginning of, Soul on Fire. The song is about a hanging. Again, fabulous use of the cello and great harmonies by Ian and John, just puts shiver up your spine.
Soul on fire also sounds good on a loop. The transition from end to beginning is very smooth

The only two negative elements of the ep i felt from listening to the ep, that a couple of songs are just too short. They have nice build up then just stop.  The second is when, Tine, is playing the Cello on, Already gone. The longer notes are great on the sections when played, but the sharper notes sound out of the place, like they were recorded on the wrong sections.  If the song was more overdubbed, it probably would have worked better as the Cello is deep sounding instrument

As always like Johns writing, I campare him Paul McCartneys and his melody compositions.  The one that has got the most attention so far is, Seneless. Everything was made to fit the song, perfect. Its reminds me of a snowy scene from the film, Give my regards to Broadstreet.
Bark, is not as studio dubbed as Planetarium.  Its ok to go mad in the studio and give ideas, but to replicate that live, not easy. Its like when Ian and John appeared on the radio show a year ago, i wondered why john missed a section on, Electric.  Aparantly it needs two people to play the second section. Its good to keep things basic
Blackdoghat, come up trumps once again and i have been waiting to hear the talents of Tine Wulf and of course, Ian Nicholson
The ep will be released soon
I have been playing Blackdoghat to death, studio and when they appeared.
This is another great work, by one of the master of melodies, John Sage


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