Wednesday, 30 April 2014

The Music Vlog Update Series


I don't mind recording in front of a camera, i  broadcast on radio and although video is visual, i want to find a balance on the visual side of what i am going to play on the radio
Each Vlogs basic content is the submissions i receive from various sources, mainly promo for yet, unreleased music. The other half is sharing people that follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Mixcloud and Youtube mainly, Although depends who appear on Google + and Myspace

So far
Below are the Vlogs that i have recorded so far and that are up live on Youtube
The content is the music submissions i receive from bands, labels, promoters, or any other source.  The other is "Social Media Connection,," which is people that have requested my Facebook, mixcloud, Youtube and following me on Twitter, between blog recordings. From Vlog 10 i highlighting albums that i am going through, either from a listener request or an album i just in the mood to play and decide to play in track order on shows. The other additional content is rundown of the music i played on the last live show, which is podcasts the day afternoon    

Send something???

This is all visual. I know that may sound obviousl, but anything i receive and that i play on the next show and related to the artist i am playing, appears on these vlogs, BEFORE, the live broadcast.
Want to send music, merch, a video for playablity on the vlog( Show on ipad on video, an image with song segment on track ( the two main options)

Social Media
I have been listening to other people on Youtube recently about sharing links. I thought, great idea. I now share any new followers on my social media channels on every video

Video Titles
I try an throw an ounce of imagination into the titles. I didn't want to be just, " Submissions and SM connectin on every video. I just look at the music i have and make a like, book title from it

Here you go :)

                                 The first and launch of the Music Vlog update or was Sunday Vlog

                                                               Vlog 02

                                                                  Vlog 03

This is the Vlog 04
Vlog 05

                                                                        Vlog 06
                                                                            Vlog 07
                                                                        Vlog 08
                                                                     Vlog 09

                                                                         Vlog 10

                                                                       Vlog 11

It's not new

I have done this in the past, but stopped and started. Since I have reduced my radio output, for some reason, it has made it easier to organise and collect the content. I have never cared about talking to a camera, it's never bothered me. It was a curiosity and it's never registered

Weekly, Monday

When you produce content on the internet, the audience, in essence, is world wide. My audience is based in many counties and after a while, they want to see who you are.  I have seen other radio producers use the video format. I have taken the idea of the radio on video idea, and started with a weekly vlog. Many do, technology, I do music. Again, this is nothing new, but I feel, music is not covered like this on YouTube. You have gaming and tech, I do music :)

This is a hobbie, like the live broadcasts are. Any finiance gain is welcome. People moan about this side of the idea of giving because its free to watch. I have thought about a subscription service of somekind.  Its good idea, but i work for a living to basically fun what i do and providing exclusive content for subscribers, i just have no time for. On my live broadcasts, there are no add, on my videos, there are no sponsers. Like what i do, for free and want to help smoothen it over.  One thing that is taken when doing videos and broadcasting, time
To donation, just got to send money on the paypal website and enter

Many thanks for reading
Feel free to comment and watch the latest Sunday Vlogs here

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