Saturday, 28 June 2014

As if by Magic, a garden appears

Update: December 2014
After all the excitment, i never made it into the garden. :( When i was in the mood, it was bad weather, damn it

Its funny how things turn up.
My flat has no green area and for some strange reason, i miss gardening. I did it for living because i like doing it as well, until i changed jobs, but i didn't realise i missed it. 
When i was living with my parents, i didn't use the garden much, as in planting and digging. I liked having a garden though.
The first plan, was to hire an alotment space, but from what i was told, there are waiting lists. It is only about £25 a year, but it not about waiting, it about getting something, well, yes, it is about waiting :)
The other plan, which lead me to the next phaze, asking for free land
As usually, you expect all kind of silly comments from people. As it turned out, it was the opposite. I got a very positive reaction from the thread i made on the Banbury Freecycle group on Facebook. I asked, if anyone had any free space, i could plant. From that i was contacted by someone locally ( Thank god) who has an elderly relative with ill health.  He ( His son) was already doing some work to keep it tidy. In a way, i took the job of that off him.( He was relieved) 
I now have a back garden ( pictured) i can use for planting vegetables to cook with and possibly flowers. 
First thing i am going to look at it a way or rigging up a water collecting system.  There is greenhouse to the right of the picture, but has broken panes. Going to sort that out as well, as its going to be handy
More to come as i update this blog

Paul Readman
Local gardener, in the making ;) 

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