Sunday, 24 August 2014

Vinyl Collection update: The Rasta Rises

Although i have been updating a previous blog, i thought i would make another one for this
Over the course of the past few months, as a spur of the moment idea, i put a call out to anyone who wanted to get rid of vinyl, for whatever reason. I have had a local people give vinyl to us and some nice pieces as well.
Thursday evening,  (August 21st ),  i got a message from a local woman. I met her husband outside, he pulled up in a car not far from my flat. There were 5 bags of Vinyl albums and 7" singles

Keep and donate

When i get given  vinyl, i never resell. I do get duplicates, which i sort out. I then give to charity. Some good some not so good, but someone is going to like them
This video, after i have sorted the vinyl out, shows you what i kept and the rest, will be going to charity

Have any vinyl, you just do not want, don't play any more or taking up too much room?I will take them off your hands

Paul Readman
Vinyl Collector

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