Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Among the Echoes, Fracture Album launch @The Flapper, Birmingham

Again, in Birmingham, for a couple of days. I think its better to stay for two days, and not rush around prepare for a night out, only to fly out of the hotel the next morning. I feel more relaxed going to a gig this way
This time, we chose, The Premier Inn. Partly the reason for the change, was the payment system they have is far better.  The Holilday Inn website and many others, do not allow you to pay by debit card, which is very enoying.
Did a bit of shopping and walking along the canal area and Birmingham center, which is very relaxing. This was for the Fracture album launch on Saturday night arranged and main band, Among the Echoes. This was, at the Flapper venue. As habbit would have it, i will be filming the bands.  I nearly had a heart attack when i found i left batteries and memory cards at home. Maplins, who are located only around the corner, had both, horaaaah

Alex Paulee June( Man man of Elmo Sexwhistle)

This guy is a genius with keyboards, although, i didn't know what to expect with a solo performance. It was the year anniversary ( As i call it) since i first saw Alex and it was about time i saw him again. We was at the bar before going down stairs at the Flapper to see bands, and it was great two chat with Alex, at last.
He gained a few fans on the night, combination of songs he composed for Youtube, Sexwhistle new music and some 80s games covers for good measure. He introduced every one to Mavis, his Pink electro guitar
Just a great set


Great mainstream band, one gifted singer, great drummer, just all round awsome band. I saw these at the last, Among the Echoes gig i went to at the "Ides of March gig" and they were great. For some reason, they were better, probably my ears being better tuned to their sound, who knows. Iain Brownlie, is one hell of singer, with great range and power, which is what you need to be over one of the best and loudest drummers, i have seen at a gig, Matt Monhangee.  I am a fan of drummers at gigs. they have course,  keep the beat. He bashes his kit like hes going to sell it the next day.  They played their new single, which delighted us all. They could have easily played on for longer, they weren't even breaking a sweat. When you see Sinestar, you strike gold

Among the Echoes

Played their new album back to back. The sound of two guitarists keyboards and the carisma of Ian Wall, brings the songs to life.  Again, their songs get better every time i hear them. I am getting to know Sin and i like their song,  Hate. The openings of the songs i like, you start to recognise them this way
The band are always experimenting, part of the general mission the band.


I like meeting people when i get the chance, many off Facebook. I finally met, Michelle Griffin, for the first time. This fine woman, who nudged my arm as i was so engrossed in conversation. turned round and saw her face. Michelle is a gig photographer in her spare time. She put me onto, Sean Burke, originally, who was the guitarist with Tubeway Army.  Met Paul Humphries, who has been to many electro related gigs and finally, after a year, met, Alex from Elmo Sexwhistle. All of us round a tablet chatting, it was great.

I tried to find, Michelle, after the gig, but couldn;t ,which was a shame.  However i bumped into Velma and Heather from Drag. Fine pair of femaline creatures
As well as seeing Alex on stage and Among the Echoes performan, i loved Sinestar. Probably because i do not see them as often as Among the Echoes, but they just kill it live
I think the general sound at The Flapper is great. Ian Wall mentioned the engineer, which judging from the film as well, seemed slightly better balanced this time. As far as i can tell, there were no issues at all. About bloody time, the band had good sound. I know from last year, there was always something about the engineer or things breaking down. This was the only gig i have been to, where that didn't happen

I love the Flapper
The event went just too fast.  We didn't go the club this time, which is usually connected to the night via a promotion. To be honest, when you go later it gets packed and your squeezed in like sardines. Not a pleasurable experience. I much prefer the Flappers and hang around afterwards.

Among the Echoes
Alex Juno
Michelle Griffin ( Photographer)

DJ Readman( Reviewer/Radio presenter, captures the bands

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