Sunday, 24 August 2014

The new Dr. Who, Peter Capaldi

I saw is on BBC last night, great episode, well shot and great storyline.  With a change in actor, they either grab you or they don't. With Capaldi, i have seen him in a few Dr. Who related TV things, including Torchwood. Only one episode has been on TV so far, as see how things pan out over the next couple of episodes. To be honest, he has got to go a long way to beat David Tennant. Although from the first episode, i am assuming, they want to slow the pace to a little bit. Te opening is far better than Matt Smiths " Retro" one, which was rubbish and i liked the story line, which continues from the episode. "Girl in the Fireplace"
Again, i find it funny, people leap on the social media saying, "oh hes great " When they probably have not seen anything else.  The other thing i find odd, is the chose an older actor to play the part. While, this is not a mistake as such, many have not been over 40, uptil now. I am not against it, i just found it odd. Even in the episode, the play on this, which i found interesting.

In General

It is still going strong. I am glad it worked the second time around. The modern day Dr Who, not everyone likes, probably because it does not look cheap, but thats was its charm.  BBC have got a reputation of not going mad with money on science fiction. They never think it will work, they obviously do nto know their audience enough, It took a Canadian to put it on the screen. Somtimes, us British are too stuck up for new things.
I like both eras of the Timelord. I like the way they returned it. It took them long enough, but fans gave it the push.
We will see what happens with Capaldiaas the, Dr. It has already bee reported that charactor, Cara, i leaving after the Christmas special. From the first episode, i am not suprised, as something is missing. Not sure what though

Paul Readman
Dr Who and observer

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