Sunday, 24 August 2014

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The Situation
I love music, partly the reason i do radio shows. This, also takes finances to broadcasts on a weekly basis
I work for a living. because radio and video recording, which is mainly gigging, does not pay the bills.  It is not a business, although i wish it was.
I have recently moved to another flat and waiting for the broadband to kick in. This means, that there is a lot less cash floating round to attend gigs. The main problem with funding this, is most of the cash, goes towards hotel bill. the only reason i book a hotel is public transport stops too early to get back. I have no problem paying for trains and gig tickets, its getting back thats always the problem

I have had donations in the past, although i am very greatful for anyone who does

Radio Broadcasts
This is my main promotion. I broadcast between 18- 22 songs by various artists each week. There are interviews by artists and performances when arranged. All are recorded and are here to stream
The most recent interview was with ,Tim Muddiman, This is the man guitar with the live, Gary Numan, band and also Pop Will Eat Itself. He is also responsible for production work on both albums
Podcasts ( All from live broadcasts)

Monthly videos, Gig footage, Radio guests
I produce a week sneek preview of acts coming up on radio shows. I film fill sets at gig and radio guests.I have just completely a paid music promo video for a band in Oxford

Going to gigs has been out of town and local.  I have been to Birmingham( Mostly), London and local events at, Castle House entertaiment hub.
The camera i use has suprised many musicians with the audio quality. All footage is most and full sets

Footage example: Sinestar at the Flapper, Birmingham
The band was blown away by the quality

Radio Guests
Had the pleasure of, Blackdoghat, Jonny Cooke, both Acoustic acts, two DJ from Milton Keynes, folk legend, John Cee Stannard and more
Footage is of John Cee Stannard: This is the full performance ( Over the two hour live radio broadcast)
                                             Other Side of the Spectrum Drum & Bass

Weekly Preview Videos

New series i began in May 2014 to share the new music i have received for radioplay and what i generally play on the radio. I hightlight many of the artist and followers i receive from the social media connections

My Vinyl Vlog

This is going through, from scratch, my vinyl collection. Since selling my collection to move in 2013,  i thought, it would be a good idea, to share what i buy and get given by people.


In General

The reason for all this is to have a small budget for video and radio.   If this is possible, so that it does not hit my non music income as much
Your look at £50 a month, thats including gigs. There are loads more gigs that are on offer to go, just not get the finances to go
Sometimes, paid work takes precedence over non paid work as, well,, does not pay. There is a limit to a hobbie.
I know people like what i do, reason i keep doing what i do,  I like recording video, but as people are now saying, which is very true, the only thing you can't get back, when recording, editing and uploading is time.
The five biggest bills are trains, hotels, net, electric and time. I reduced my radio shows to once a week because of my work and after starting the job over a year ago, i found that takes a lot of mental energy.
I love it doing all this, there is just no seperate budget

DJ Readman

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