Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Return of the Weekly Preview and new format

The "Weekly Preview" was designed to preview music that i have been sent by labels, promoters, artists before the live radio stream on the same week.  Being video, i wanted it to be a visual presentation of the music. Only two ways you can be "Visual", be on screen, reading and showing images, or  clips of videos from artists, or footage, representing their sound.

From November, i returned after having a break, with a "Montage" format. This is editing together music video clips form bands, or related with an audio commentary track from me

                                            Even when i am talking, you can still hear the music

                                      Below, is the original format, with mainly me on camera.

                      The format, will stay in the montage format. All videos now in HD
I will still appear. The format will be mixing the two formats up slightly, with gearing towards the video segments

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