Sunday, 28 April 2013

Possible monthly compilation charities

Update 2013

Unfortunatly, this has taken a few steps back due to various issues, time more than anything. I want to set a date for this and i have been in content with both charities mentioned
I am looking at September for this as i want to have time to and space to do this for charity. Recently, its just not been possible

Original blog
Continuing with choosing the charities to send money to when making money from the monthly compilations

The subject of Cancer has been high on the agender, but finding a charity that does field work and lab work is not easy

These are the two that i have choisen, ut this might change

The Red Cross

People in the field when there an natural disasters. I have had this mentioned by more than one listener and its on the top of list at the moment

Katherine House Hospice

This was noy easy, although easy in some ways. This is only a county charity ( Oxfordshire, the county i live in) I have had many friends and relations that have been there for treatment or go in and pass away. This is supported a lot locally and i thought it would be a great idea to support them this way.
One reason for this, is that you know where the money is going. The HQ is only a few miles from town, they take care of the sick and treat people direct. There do a lot and purely on donations. They do get a percentage from the NHS, but thats only a percentage

In terms of people working in the field and treat Cancer but more than one illness is the closest i can think of.  Many may not agree on Katherine House as it is not a national charity, unlike The Red Cross,which is


Third: Houses for Habbitat

They are more top two.  There is Houses for Habbitat, which is up there and i know someone that works for them and they are U.K based and overseas working for build houses


Any other suggestion that match these leave a comment.  It will be nice to have feedback

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