Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Music does sell, its does happen

With a radio show, there is never a " We are selling music " banner, although thats is one of the missions. Over time, we get bands saying they have had Facebook likes and various other feedback from listeners.  Thats what its all about and the reason i do LIVE radio shows, is in instant reaction you get
Last night i sold to Ambient albums by two different artist through someone listening. I know through people listening in, they have bought stuff in the past, its probably more, but not everyone broadcasts it
Last night, someone listening to the show, went a bought a Andy Pickford and Lee Negin album.  The listener i found out, likes ambient. This is reason i keep the show a variety, as you never know whos listening in. Last night ( Monday, September 16th) i was not 100%, as i said, sponsered by Asprin, and it paid off, although it might have been the Rock i was playing at the time ( 68 - 75) and music usually clears my head. The show was pretty busy on the Shoutbox and on Facebook. I like the fact the connection did not drop, although, for some reason the sound was giving me trouble. There is always something.
I have been house sitting for the past two weeks and no connection, so my phones been in use

Once again folks, a good show. If you want to support what i am doing, feel free to donate to the cause
Read this blog, tells you all about it

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