Wednesday, 18 September 2013

In Show Artists Campaign Promotion

Another spur of the moment idea, turned into an in show promotion
Whether you started a funding project on kickstarter, Indie a go go or other websites, this is for you.
Many musicians for whatever reason, go to these sites, uploading options to buy various items or funding towards items, though the public support. In some cases, it also shows how popular a band is

The Promotion

From October 2013 over a month (per artist) at 8.30pm on Monday shows, unless someone requests the audio, the you get more time ( Are not played when we have a guest show) we will play rough songs or whatever is available, from the artist, to give you an idea of what the sound will be like. It could be just acoustic recordings, it could be acapella, any audio, to promote the campaign the musician, band, group, artist has. The audio from this, the musician can have for their profile or whatever they want to to do it

What i get out of it

I like promoting, playing, plugging, hearing fresh music and getting the music.  Musicians may get Facebook liks, an extra campaign funding, who knows, nothing is guaranteed, but it is possible.
If the musicians want to donate something, then they can, but its entirely upto the individual

What artist gets
This is radio campaign( If you want to call it that),The broadcasts are live every week and the day after that the full as broadcast show, is then a podcast, and uploaded.
Any artwork or artists face can appear on the show flyers. The flyer is always on the Facebook event and used as a the podcast flyer... the general drill :)

Thankyou for reading
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