Thursday, 26 September 2013

Filming guests

Up until a few years ago, I did not bother filming guests on the radio. The first time we filmed a whole performance with a phone was Dog Food in 2012. With that, we overdubbed with the radio broadcast audio.  Now there two options with the very nice compact camera we use.  
As many people know, there are loads of people uploading video from iphone, with dire audio. As soon as the bass hits, you can't hear anything. With this camera we have, you get none of that, which was a relief.  The camera we have, records in AVI and plays back the same. It has best microphone pick up i have ever come across. Although its filmed in AVI, its uploaded to YouTube in Windows Media Audio format, due to time, although the quality is good. We can uploading in HD, but that takes a very long time.  Most sessions are recorded as seperate songs. but we can leave the camera running

This year, i have filmed guests, including, Blackdoghat, John Cee Stannard, Silverspark and Baleve.  In most cases the quality is good enough for a release, if the bands chooses to. I also film gigs i go to, which includes the footage from the Flapper in Birmingham in August 2013, in, Among the Echos and the Punk band, Drag.
Musicians want a certain amount of quality and uptil we got the camera, even the smartphone are not capable, unless, as said above, the audio was overdubbed.

Over time I have developed faster ways of doing things. When I go back with footage I record the audio from the film for future radio broadcast.  As above, to save time in upload video, which takes the longest time. It's Window Media Video.   I don't get paid for doing this bit if the band want the Avi upload in Hd, there is a fee as upload takes time and power.

Filming schedule
19th October, selected song from all three acts will be recorded, of all, depending on set lengths
26th October. special guest,Jonny Cooke, will be joining us live. This is broadcast from, General Foods Social Club, Banbury 
November Silverspark are in Banbury, live at the musketeers but for the first time in full band forma

Want to be filmed and possible broadcast on radio from a gig or be a guest?min

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