Saturday, 5 December 2015

Finally, i can now play vinyl records again on radio

Before the headlines, an update....
Co Presenter
The radio variety show has always been able to evolve or move in various directions. Reason for the difficult task of finding a good name for the show
In April 2015, i found a co presenters, Educational publisher and graphic designer, Darren Coles. We began messing about on radio, and wanted to come up with a duo name. For some reason, animals come into conversation and we ended up with, Dog and Crow. I am Dog and Darren is Crow. Partly the reason, for this is because, Darren, can do a wicked, Crow sound and i can do a Dog one

Show HQ has moved again
A place i have been waiting for over a year finally landed. My father knew of a couple who were to rent a house. I was in the position to move in, but heard nothing for long time. Then the chess pieces fell into place, hired a van to move the gear and we landed into new HQ, beginnig of November 2015


Darren has a technical mind. He has gear, has been in bands and can set it up. We got rid of enoying hum and microphone issue that was raised and raised money by dusting off the valuables, to get a replacement laptop

Now to the vinyl

Yes, it took a while. I had to sell my collection due to moving the first time. I then began to build the collection again, but with no proper working record deck. This also goes back to when i began broadcasting on radio. At the time, there were no real mass distribution of mp3s flying around. i had decks and music, so that's what i brought to the table. After a believe, 3 years, i can now broadcast vinyl record live on air, once more, horaaaah

A little update for you all, until the next time??

Formely the. Radio Variety Show