Sunday, 21 December 2014

Top 10 independent songs on Watchmojo

I thought i would make up an Independent song list.

I put up 10 songs, from bands i have and seen live. This then goes into the watchmojo system. If accepted, the list goes live in 24 hours.
This is not a chart, like was on Music World Radio. The WM is enough votes cast, the coimpany create a top 10 video on it
You need to register to Watchmojo before you vote.

The links when, live will go on here

The list i put up is

Spacebouy - Oblivion
Shiny Darkness - Mother
Naked Lunch - Alone
Cloak - Sunshine
Sinestar - I am the Rain
Johnny Normal - Miss Razorblade
Blackdoghat - Electric
Among the Echoes - Hate
The best idea is one song a band. When the list goes live people can add their own.
To register, vote. You can also add a song, if you wish 

Dj Readman
Radio, podcast presenter and video editor/ producer

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