Sunday, 7 December 2014

Another Dimension from Naked Lunch ( Remix album review)

As the Prodigy once sampled" Going to take your Brain to Another Dimension"

Yes they did, and yes theses guys have.  This could have gone in any direction, well you have many direction, in this sound scape
This is the extention to the original album. you could say or a stand alone album by Naked Lunch.  Another Dimension are selected songs taken from the, Beyond Planets classic, given to various artists and their stems treated with acid

The quality is there, the beat are there and Tonys vocals are sharp as a tac
A few stand out.; Technomancer, who did, Glow, one of the best remixes i have heard and slipping Again, Again.  Then there is Saint(ED) remix, from Jeremiah Saint, who takes you somewhere else entirely or should i say, sounds like a rerecording,. Same guy who " rerecorded" Alone for the Alone2 ep/ ( For seperate review i think)
I like Ruinzer remix of, Fade Away, like someone put extra juice in the car and put it on turbo
We Are, Glow, Alone, Emotional Termoil, Slipping Again, Again and Weekend Behaviour, have had their stems carved up and replanted, some more than once, in some cases. From the minimalistic, do the darn right, animalistic, you have one side of the insanity spectrum to the other.
If you like the original versions, with an extra industrial edge and electric shock and them some or more stripped back, then this is the album for you.
The only downside to this album is not all the songs were remixed. There are few of Glow versions which is cool but it would have been good to hear the remixes  of the all the album tracks, especially Rabies. You never know with Naked Lunch, anything could happen

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