Sunday, 21 December 2014

The year that was 2014

Many people put down their favourite music and lists. I would have gone into that direction, but to be honest, there are too many. Its not the matter of saying, that bands is better than another, because, thats not the way i see it or it works either.

Instead, i reflect on the year and the big changes that took place. As i have mentioned in previous blogs, i moved, finally, for the first time in my 40 years. I have a paid job, which helped me do this. Radio broadcasting does not bring in the rent, nor did gardening and cleaning, well not enough. this year was about moving to a flat, well twice, enojing that and going to a couple of gig, which i enjoyed. The radio side, had a few breaks with moving, still doing shows, thoughout the year. I went to local and national gigs, recorded them on camera, which is always fun. Met people off, Facebook, which is always a good thing, face to face.

When i went to gigs, there is nothing like a live drummer. Seeing bands live, i love doing, although that is about to slow down, a lot  The year went fairly quickly. Moving to another flat in November, due to paying less and slightly better area of town

Not many major changes, aside from moving. The radio shows i have not changed dramatically, although my streaming has improved

I have been with the band, The Projectiles. We play renditions of classic song. We are going out to gigs in the new year

About it really, more changes in 2015. in another blog

Dj Readman
Radio, podcast presenter, video editor./ producer

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