Saturday, 6 December 2014

Monthly Radio Variety Strummer Room Show

In November, i invited, Chris Oakes down to be a guest on the show.
He was going a show on local charity station, Horton Radio, which is in the local hospital.  He had to stop his shows as the Bicester gig he now organises was on the same night.
He organised night at the Jericho Tavern, Wheatsheaf, (Oxford),
The Bell ( Bicester) and anywhere else he lands

He popped up on Facebook one day and i happen to say " Why don't you join me?" And then, that was it

After the first one, which i was pretty fun. We did one two weeks later, once a month.
Chris is now joining me, once a month live on Music World Radio

Chris has had many guests down on his show, although there was not much room, but managed. I also have had guests down, and hired places to for more room. Would you like to perform?? send us some music and will take it from there, or if Chris wants to bring you down, why not

November show
This is the podcast for the first monthly and full playlist

This is the podcast and playlist included

The lights go on every night
This, of course, takes funds.  Over time, there have been donations, not of a bank busting kind, but we survive, I work and so does Chris. Neither of us are under charity banners and we love music, but, at the end of the days, it costs money to do this

To donate, does not matter how much click here


DJ Readman
Radio broadcaster and Music video promo producer

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