Wednesday, 31 December 2014

My Independent picks for 2014

Thought i would extend this into a blog
Welcome to my first top picks of a year. Never done this before. Making up catagories up as go along ;)
Top Rock album 68-75 - Stay on the Ride, 
Fav pop live act, Sinestar
Dark live /Camelon  act, Among The Echoes
top electro act, NakedLunch Original
Top dance release CLOAK - Dance ep, 
Top Acoustic/release/harmony act - Blackdoghat
top Punk act, DRAG,, 
Alternative rock act, Bella Figura
top Comeback Johnny Normal,
Top music personality Ian Wall , Rock God as he calls himself ;)
top music duo, Johnny Normal and Pete Walsh,
 top Alternative synth artist, Alex Paulee Juno
 top rock singer,Suzanne Sledge
top male singer, Iian Brownie,
Top pop singer Carley Phillips ( Silverspark)
American Alternative rock personality  Yvonne Lauglin
Top Pop Rock live and album act  Sliverspark
Rock band to look out for in 2015 68 75
Live pop band in 2015. Sinestar

Who impressed me the most
Although i like Among the Echoes a lot, live, with vocal range and outstanding drumming, it has to be Sinestar. Sinestar below a lot of people away, in 2014. I know i am not the only one

Among the Echoes
Going to gigs, is where this all began. Great live and always experimenting with different musicians and sounds. Since i have heard them, they have changed their act twice and released a great studio album

Singing wise, like above, for rock power, Suzanne from 68 75 and for pop power, Carley. I just could not split the ladies appart. They have two different vocal styles, to billing

Music Persinality
Top music personality was the easiest. Ian Wall ( Singer of Among the Echoes) 
Since i have seen the band i have noticed, hes a talker, always talkative before and after the his band finishes. he approaches you, even its a hello,which not everyone does, unless they know you or you them. Not everyone does that in general

Johnny Normal
This guy should be zombie, but he is far from that. Most of 2014, he was on the brink of death. unable to speak or walk. He fought, like a gladiator to recover, return to form, and release music more. The comeback king of the year
This follow nicely, with Pete Walsh. Their a music duo, also doing their own seperate project. Pete Walsh, is one of the best live guitarists i have seen in some while. I have dubbed him "The Birmingham Hendrix

68 75
I was the first to play these guys on U.K radio. They just jumped out at me with some of the best rock i have heard in years. Led Zepplin for the next generation. Just pure power. Their not heavy, just great, catchy, outstanding, rock music.They are coming over in to England 2015 , and they are going to blow this country apart

Yvonne Laughlin

She seems to have the midus touch when it comes to finding bands, that have great sounds. Recently, Voodoo Sex Cult ( Hard Rock) and Dauzet St Marie ( Acoustic) Rock . To completely ended of the spectrum, yet, quality music. she also communicates for well with whoever she sends music to and very much loved with a fan base of her own

There is whole universe out there

As always, there is a lot more music then i have put above, there always is.  Most of this was pretty easy,. Musicians who i have seen live, music i have recieved. Above, who have hit the spot, where music is supposed to it. 
A video will be coming regarding this, which may extended further. But for now, the above is for reading

Thanks to everyone for the music, happy new year and see you in 2015 :)

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