Friday, 26 December 2014

Dauzat Saint Marie - Falling Again ep ( Review)

Dauzet St Marie
Falling Again ep

1. Falling Again ( Piano)
2. Time Slips Away
3. Watch Me Go
4. Sinking Down
5.Falling Again ( Acoustic)

This was a suprise
Both Dauzet and St Marie are from a Metal band, which is literally the complete opposite to this recording.

The first thing that hit you is the great harmony, which is on all their songs, mainly on the choruses. This is an Acoustic ep, aside from track one, which is the piano version of, "Falling Again"

St Marie has a fabulous, powerful voice. From, Time Slips Away through to Sinking down, you are pulled in with just lovely harmony work with
Dauzats guitar work and loop skills,  these are great together.

This should have been an album and in my opinion, more piano work. Having two versions of one song is fine, but i think, they definitely should have included more piano, in fact, they could have done more songs, with both instruments
The only suggestion i have when ,you run out of songs to play, have it on loop and then see them live. If you want to hear their heavier side,? Go and see or their metal band, Hydrovibe. Reason i was taken back with this material

Dauzat St Marie Fb  Website  Hyrdovibe FB   Website


Killer inside video, which is seen on the SAWIII directors cut DVD 

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