Sunday, 19 October 2014

Radio Variety Show on Facebook

The reason i am writing this is just in case you can't see anything i put on Facebook.
Since Facebook introduced, what  i call the "Cloaking Device" which means, unless you go to a page and click "Get Notifications" or "Close Friend" the pages you have clicked like on or you have liked my page, unless you do that, the information people put on their profiles, will just disappear.
I have see it a few times will groups, pages and people asking me, what i have been doing for the past year, as they have no idea what i have been writting on Facebook, because they can't see shit

This is my Facebook Page

This is my Group page with my "Umbrella" name, on it

People do find my page and i accept people/ Although, unless you click "Get Notifications" i just disappear

Dj Readman

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