Wednesday, 29 October 2014

New Home/ Radio HQ/ But no Wifi ,yet

There is always a glitch with moving, ugh

The words, "This mission, if you choose to accept it" comes to mind

Over the past few weeks i have been waiting to move in a flat i viewed..   You learn things pretty fast as you go through this process. There is a reason for estate agents and reason for renting through a private landlord. I would go through a private landlord any day of the week
The problem i have come across with private landlord letting, is they are not easy to find. Estate agents are everywhere, but, of course, got to pay for the office they are in.
This time, due to time constraints, i had to go through an estate agent. I knew this was not going to as straight forward as the first time. The first time, which was still an agent, but more personal. Only one fee, plus rent and deposit, no fuss. The second time, however, i was ready, well kind of.  I thought, go in, view, pay a few fees, gets keys, well, not that fast, unfortunately. Its not that the fees add up through an estate agent, in the fact, things seems to come out of know where and delays. oh yes, delays.
This time, there was no time to do anything. within a day, moving everything and cleaning the previous flat, which ,unfortunately, due to nearly hitting late evening, turned out to be paying out extra.  I am glad to say, i have finally moved in the new flat, and the new Radio HQ

No wifi

I knew there was going to be a slight, delay, due to my current Sky Broadband contract being transfered. I can deal with that. There is however an extra delay in the connection being sorted out. So no wifi at all. I can use my phone (As i am now) but the 4s as a habbit of dropping out on tethering. ( doesn't when your not tething, unless the signal gets lost) this means, no broadcasting.
Someone jokingly said, "Use Cafe Nero" which would be a good idea, but it you have to reconnect every hour

December 2014 update
After a month settles in, got internet, been broadcasting radio show and practing the bass :)

Thankyou for reading

Paul Readman
Independent in life and radio

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