Sunday, 3 March 2013

( Live Radio shows) Radio Variety Shows continue

I have a new job, which is building upto 30-39 hours a week, at Curries/ Pc World in Oxford.
This is paid work and radio is not.  This does not mean my radio broadcasts will stop, far from it. Every now and again the days  i broadcast may change due to the schedule i work. but my passion for radio broadcasting and hearing fine quality music,  will never let up.  I have been doing this for too long to give it up. As it happens i met my wife through radio and she likes what i do.   I have building it up with regular listeners, which was the idea. When you move to a new station( Music World Radio in 2008) i knew i would be starting from scratch. People think you get instant listeners, but you don't, you have to build.

In an ideal world, radio would be my full time career. Unfortunately,  it has never gone past, HOBBIE stage, but passion for a hobbie, does not mean work.  The problem with radio you have to qualifications to broadcast( Whatever they are) call it amature if you like, but every DJ starts somewhere. Do you remember the boats in the 60s?

Music World Radio is my radio home. Its the longest i have stayed with any station because i have stuck to the rules and in effect, can to whatever i want.  There is always a plan for a show,  but i always leave space for improvisation. People listen in as they do not know what is coming next.. leave em guessing ;)

If you see this , go here to my recorded shows
I have never been one to blow my own trumpet, but i am good at what i do, otherwise, i would seriously not be doing it at all


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