Saturday, 9 March 2013

( Non Radio)Finding a place to live

Didn't get the job at PC world. We not selling enough aparantly.
When i was training, they say, there is no such thing as a hard sell...what a load of rubbish, its just switched round. To get sales, its not the products that makes them money, its the added packes on top you have to sell. If you don't sell enough, you are out, basically.  I have nothing again the people i were working with and there was a rather nice look woman there as well.  The trouble is, they want more and more and more. There are always turning over staff, i wonder why. i had no issues working, its just you supposed to work like a robot, which i am not. No problem taking orders, part of the job, i can talk to people, part of retail and i can stuff, dont it many times and have and still have plenty of experience...They want you to do everrything in a short space of time.. can't be done

Back to square one, although i have had gardening work. I keep searching for work from admin, letting agents, to retail or....gets harder and harder.  Yes, i like hard work, reason why i garden, Its hard work and i get paid with good results. I can work under people, i have volunteered for many years.  Too many people for one job. Something has to be done

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At least the wheels start to move on finding a place to live. There was no point until i found a job. Now that has been sorted out, i can not plan the rest.
I have been living with my parents and i have been making money. The money has not been stable enough and every day to live on.

I am not after a huge space, although space is nice.  After some thought, depends on the propertly.
As i disovered today, some charge on your first month and some do not even mention.
Everyone wants somewhere to chill, place to cook and sleep.  So thats living room, kitchen, bathoom and good size bedroom

As many people know by now, i broadcast on radio.  We will have guests round, which will make things easy on that front, Its nice entertainment for an evening as well :)

I work at Curries/ pc world in Oxford, so i communute every day. Living in Oxford is possible but prefer Banbury
£550 a month is the maximum and ha to included bills and will not have funds until mid May, due to waiting for wages and overlap as it cost to travel every day. I found the traveling not a problem, but its cuts into your pocket a lot, depends on how early you go.


This is my first place moving from parents and i don't mind what state its in. Yes, is has to ba habbitable as many landlord do decorate and things.  I obviously can clean, paint and garden. I am looking into the possibility, if it excists of factoring some maintences work so the rent can be reasonable.  I don't care if walk in and there is no paint on the walls or the place is completely bare.  I can get furniture, have a small kitchen unit, bed and laptop. To start with i do not need much at all. There has to be running watch for show or just a bath. Can get a shower from somewhere

At one point i was thinking of a canal boat or a caravan, but to be honest, that way too much hassle. It would be nice to be on water, but at the moment, its a flat.

I am not going through an estate agent. Although they are nice, there are unexpected fees involved, which suprised me, as i did not think they charged the tenent, but did not suprise me as i new someone would. In my mind, their ripping people off

The first step. you have to find the first months rent and deposit. which is £1,000 or just over, This is because the deposit is the same as the first months rent

In the next few months, it will be moving time....If anyone can help with somewhere, or know of somwhere we can do up, by all means

Thankyou for reading
Dj Readman

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