Sunday, 17 March 2013

(Album Review) Norman Kelsey - On the Rebound

Norman Kelsey - On the Rebound   - Album Review

I was seriously not expecting this music.

Combine the early years of Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Prince and a slice of the Blues Brothers in a simple formular and you have some class songs on a great album by Norman Kelsey

I find this album, very refreshing for the fact that it has a great retro feel, while keeping the style modern. Opens up with So Sophisticated, just goes in at the deep and and instantly reminds you of the 70s and 80s era of R&B.
In general, Norman, is very creative in the way has just has the right elements of the old R&B style, with pop, lounge and Soul, keeping it simple as well and great voice.  In this genre, it stands out.
I am a fan of the artists above, not huge but the earlier work is the best and Norman captures the sound in his own original works

On the Rebound, very reminiscent of Prince, probably a tip to the hat to the artist.  From that Supermodel with Gatling Guns, very tongue and cheek and a great pop song. The last song, A Miracle is on the way, very nice guitar work.  This really is harking back to the great R&B days and very well recorded.
Anyone a fan of Prince, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and number of artists in this genre, this is worth buying


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