Friday, 15 March 2013

(Radio Shows) Live radio phone calls

Before the net and Skype, there was live radio phone calls from listeners . This was the traditional way to take live phone calls calls a show. Since i began radio i have always wanted to do this
Looking into it, i thought how do you connect a phone? Not everyone has heard of Skype and

Now i can
With a smartphone i can now take calls live on air.  This is via mobile, not landline
Outside uk 001447810518778
This might different per country. The more information we find, the more there will be

This is for listeners and musicians if someone is around and wants to introduce their song live on air or their at a gig and want to call in.  Calling by phone as its advantages

Anyone who knows of country numbers so i can start list.on this blog.  I know that calling from outside England means adding more numbers

Thanks for reading

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