Saturday, 2 March 2013

(Non Radio) New direction

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When you are looking for work, its not easy and i am not the only one.
Many people have got the wrong perception of people finding work.  Finding work is not the problem, actually getting one is

You can do as much preparation as you like and sending hundreds of C.Vs out, but just got be taken notice of and keep going

I am a private person by nature and people like to know what you are doing, reason their on your friends list on Facebook.  When people start to nag you and think you are lazy, thats when i switch off.  Many people do not understand when they have job what its like
Moaning to someone on social media is not the answer and the person is obviously not a fiend. A friend likes you not matter what you doing and supports you.
I had some help, got my C.V reworked and i was hunting like a hound and i thank people for helping me out.  Help is good, but moaning at someone for asuming their not doing shit and not listening is bang out of order

This is the problem

My handyman work, people liked and i have had recommendations many times. i have cleanined, painted and done gardening and will continue to do so on an odd job basis. As a general business, it become aparant that it was not enough.  The business i set up 2 years ago, Demand Cleaners, after a while, having transport was hampering income, so that ment finding work.  I find it increasing frustraiting that you have to have a car for a lot of things.  To me, a car it costs to much to run. I have people say, its an ongoing costs. These day when you start up, its just not worth it.

I can do this

I know i have skills, people know that, have seen me working. This is either in a charity shop, market stall, record fairs or my own record business.  99% of my work has been face to face, even handyman work is.  Going for work is by no means and easy task and every company is different. When you get the to light, its a relief
If i could do it financially i would be a radio presenter, but as it stands getting a job in radio is like getting blood from a vampire.  All my radio work has been like work for a charity, its a hobbie, unpaid. I know from people i have talked to and on the net, hobbies is one of the things employees look at

Although i have been looking for working for a while i only hit it hard before Christmas 2012 as things had to change.

I went for everything and i knew the job was out there somewhere

The future
The best way in my opinion is what Curries/ Pc work and i commend them for this, you first get a phone interview( Which i got past) and then i went for a face to face interview. You are asked to demonstrate a product and i was only there for 15 minutes.
Thats how, in my opinion its supposed to be done.  When you applying for a retail positions, the job is face to face, so why isn't the interview process the same? The interview process should reflect the job

I have had a lot of information from Curries and how they are turning the business round.  They like people who want to build a career and not just a fly by night.  Not wanting to build a career is fine by them as well, but they are plenty of opportunities to do so if you want

3 hours after the face to face i got a phone call to say i got the job...yes i was shocked.  99% of job hunting is blind and most of the time, is a wall of silence. There is always period of applying, being process, which average is 2 weeks in retail

I just competed a two day course in London, very nice it was.  nerveracking as i had never taken the train to London before, but Marylebone is the smallest station i have come across.  If you have never been to London on a train, its far smaller than the airport sized Birmingham one. and Birmingham is not even the capital.
 It was customer service exercises, many vocal and a lot of remembering and writing.
I did learn a lot, you never stop learning/ Some stuff i already knew. One thing i did learn is more about approaching the public and let them speak.  Very refreshing

So, heres to the future and the reason for move, into a house or flat
Anyone that sees this and knows any private landlords let us know on the e-mail before
Has to be in the Banbury area due to work or in Oxford


Gradual building up from training hours i am doing at the moment. This means i can do odd gardening jobs inbetween

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