Sunday, 17 March 2013

( Album Review) Lee Negin - The Lunar Collection

Lee Negin - The Lunar Collection

As M/A/R/R/S once sampled " This is a journey into sound"
Imagine being in a capsule, floating in space, a window open, hearing a variety of sounds from Earth.
Lee Negin is a master of capturing elements from the air and composing a number of song and shaping them in a electro orchestra ambient collection
This is not a compilation or a collection of singles, this is full original ambient album by composer, Lee Negin
Just listen to the first composition, Commute and then you will just float away.

If you are into the sounds of, Future Sounds of London, The Orb, Glowpeople, anything act with an ambient/ experiment sounds, then you will love this

Spare the Rod, which is the second song on the album, is in video form to accompany the album
Another, Lee Negin, experience

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