Saturday, 9 March 2013

(Radio Competition) Radio Variety Show competition compilation monthly series

Great response

The first compilation has had a great response and this is going to be a monthly.
Remember the days when you had a free compilations on the front of a magazine? This is kind of the same principle, but in radio competition format.

First compilation

The first edition, which is March( This month) has more than 20. This is for the first one only as a introduction. There are sounds from Acoustic to Trance, a varied assortment

Why should i submit

This is a promotion for musicians. I can ask as many musicians as i can find or i have contact details for. Some can say no, which is fine to do so. No one is forcing any musicians to contribute. This first compilation gathering has been received with a lot of enthusiasm and great feed back. One musician said it was a great idea and another said, i would be honoured


How many songs?
20 songs to a compilation.

High quality mp3 320k
The song can be a demo, live recording or studio/ album song

As the radio show slogan says, Many Sounds, Many Styles, which is the same with the compilations.

A band image or if a single, the image for that.

A lot of music out there

I have played a lot of music and interviewed many bands. I have messaged bands individually and some people have heard the show and sent me e-mails with music on
You can be a musicians i have not played. The submission are not limited to the music i have played. All music gets radioplay as well as being on the compilation

Type of sounds
Demo, live song, studio song, spoken word, comedy sketch, pretty much anything goes. Reason its called Variety

Why i am doing this

Being cheeky, i put one of my own songs on the compilation, but only after someone suggested it,lol. Its fun to do, i like recieving new music and i can play it as well.  Many musicians love the idea and so far, i love the response

Thanks to all

To submit a song

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