Friday, 22 March 2013

New Usb

Thursday, Midday, English time, the music site, New USB closed its doors for the second time.

Raymond Rowe, first closed the site a few months ago.  The website was 100% free site for unsigned/artists, which was commendable.  He then late 2012, he had to close down due limitations on finances.

He sat down with everyone, remodeled New USB to take in some much need revenue, which is needed as its a business.  The trouble was when he reopened, many just wanted the free option and never come back.

The sad thing about this, its a really fine site, a great job by everyone involved.  The problem is many people think many thingx are free on the net and they do not realise, nothing is free.  The people behind the scenes pay the bills out of their own pocket.
There was a donations button on the website, but as usual, no one wants to know.

Now Raymond, has had to close it for a second time due to lack of support and many really not believing in him enough to put content on New USB and pay for space.

From what I know and the people that do support him, including me, is that he knows what he is doing, he is not ripping anyone off with hidden fees and one of the very few guys genuine promoters in this form who is doing what he says.

The other problem of course is people think they will not make any money from their sales because New USB is not well known enough.  With other profile sales sites, you have to pay monthly fees and so on. With New USB, they only take an uploading fee and that is it.  The only other cut is what PayPal take ( Trying reading through iTunes 200 page terms and conditions)

If you go to to and see its down, there was not enough financial support.  Raymond has said more than once and when I interviews him.  If he had his way, he would not be charging anything and the entire site would be free.  But bills have to be paid. 
Nothing runs on steam, ladies and Gentleman

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Hope you enoyed reading

DJ Readman

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