Wednesday, 13 March 2013

(Radio Show) Lee Negin Lunar Collection interview

Once again, we are going to be talking to electro pioneer, Lee Negin.
I have interviewed this man a few times before from 2011 when he began releasing brand new material, due to public demand and re released his 80's hit, Nothing Goes Right.

Now, we bring you his new album, The Lunar Collection. As M/A./R/Rs once put it " This is Journey into Sound". quite right

We will be talking to Lee, live, from Korea on Thursday 21st March

A little bit of history

This man is not a monk, but a pioneer of electro music from the very early days.  His first shot at success was with the single, Nothing Goes Right, which was played by everyone you can think of in 1981 and yes, the list does include John Peel.
Like many artists, he did want to be force into a hole by labels, who wanted a string of hits. At the time, electric was on top of label agenders and everyone who was recording, they wanted to know.

Lee did not want this, so, moved around, began working as a teacher of music. After moving round part of the world, for the last 18 years he has been living in Asia, 15 of those in Korea.

We will be touching on this once again on 21st March, when we will be talking to Lee

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