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When i first saw them on a net poster i thought, great another act i have not seen. I find it amusing that a lot of electro acts, either i have met or just got music from are duos. Spacebuoy are, yes a duo. Jez and Howard.
Before you see an act, you do not know what their like. I had heard, Breathe, which the duo sent me to play on the radio. Damn good, Space Pop, kind of the only tag i could put on them at the time.
First time seeing them live was at the, Actress and Bishop, venue in Birmingham. You first thought is, being a duo with synths, not much is going to happen, but i was wrong. Howard is one of the most energetic performers on stage and really gets the crowd going and great sense of humour to go with it. He is the singer of the duo, great voice and he goes with music. Hes dances like he's 15 at a rave

That was the first time and managed to have chat with Howard after. He was pouring with sweat.
The second time, was at the London gig in December. I wanted to see them again, as they were so good the last time. Again, they do not disappoint. They have an image, mainly oranage, combined with Black and white. Howard is wearing white specs on stage, although he can't see anything out of them,lol, apparently.
One thing i noticed from the gig in December, how the music sounds so good through a P.A. Oblivion especially, sound fantastic. The song is on the studio ep, Fashionish, isn't as fast? Howard mentioned that they are more of a live act. The Breathe ep is great ep on anything you play it on. I think its just, Oblivion, for some reason, sounds very different live. At this gig they did have Sebastian from Shiny Darkness on guests vocals for the performance, so perhaps they expanded the tune, for the purpose, who knows.
I call, Spacebuoy, the "Modern Pet Shop Boys" their sound is what the PSB should have done in their disco era, but couldn't manage.

Go and see them live. They get you dancing, the ladies will like, Howard( There is always one) great sounds on a good rigg, the will blow you away.
When i come away from the London gig, i feel that, especially with the tune, Oblivion, it could be a fine instrumental. One of my favourite live songs

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