Friday, 3 January 2014

Radio Variety Show in 2014

Its strange what can happen in one day


Local film maker Simon Bastock, who i got to know as i used to garden for and his wife, came round on New Years Day, to talk about working together on music.
I had no idea what he had done or what he could do. From the meeting,  he has filmed a documentry for British Gas and about to film a multi camera Indian Wedding ion a few months
His three avenues are Corporate, weddings and music

He was very impressed with the footage i took in 2013, after a mentioned it some time ago. Even more suprised how stable videos were and thought i had taken the music from a mixing deck
We are teaming up on various projects. Guests who come down for radio shows, and going to gigs. He is going to Birmingham in March when we see 4 electro bands strutting their stuff

After all the trouble with laptop and driver issues, my broadcasts are now back to normal.  The main issue was my Toshiba laptop not accepting the stereo driver not windows 8. I went out and got another Acer with Windows 7. Everything now works like it did before. The players also now work on the software i use, and the songs i play live, appear on the "Now PLaying box" on Music World Radio website

The Projectiles

Continuing from 2013, the cover band i joined, in November. We perform near direct or our renditions of  some 60s and mainly rock classics.  We start gigging in February and we also practing locally.

Monthly gigs
Starting in month ( January) we team up with The Strummer Room Project. Chris Oakes hosting band nights at the Castle House, in Banbury, at the end of each month. Has asked me if i want to broadcast. We are doing the one as an experiment to see if works and hopefull interview bands. Its all about timing.
The first event is Friday, January 24th, with Acoustic acts, Simon Dwight, Eagles and weeks and two more great acts

Continuing from 2013, i created a free website for Radio Variety Show. I got responses very quickly through it and this year, hoping to build on it.
More to come no doubt

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