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Strummer Room Project evening at the Castle House

Yes a fine evenings entertianment from all acts
Friday 24th January, was the start of the monthly band events put on by, Chris Oakes, of the Strummer Room Project.
I was down there, broadcasting and filming. I did manage to interview one of the bands, Eagle and Weeks, but i didn't realise there was going to be a DJ playing inbetween bands, otherwise i would have inbetween bands interviews on the broadcast

The Castle House is run by Suzette Nepture and Jake Pell, who refurbished and opened, what used to be TJ's for 15 years. They opened the "Hub" in August 2013

This was a great night with three Acoustic and one Punk/Psychedelic act on for a few hours

Bradly Taylor

First on was front man and guitarist of, Punch Drunk Monkey Club, with a solo performance. Combination, of his solo and band songs and covers. I have to say, he was very impressive on his own. I like the original song after, what i believed he said was a cover of a, John Mayer, cover?
Aside from the acts i had not seen yet, i wanted to see, Simon Dwight, live with an Audience. He paid a visit last year on my radio show, with a 30 minute performance.

First time i had seen Simon at an event, just fantastic performance. I liked the way he uses his guitar to emphasis various sounds like echo and lead, very nice indeed.

He played some new material, from his new album, and a song from this album, Across the Atlantic, Salt and Light and a great rendition of, That Entertianment, by the Jam, on his very nice 12 stringed guitar
I managed to get different positions while filming as there was some great light

This next duo. Eagle and Weeks, travelled all the way from Southampton for this event. I had never seen these guys before or heard of them until this night. Many people, including me, were blown away by their performance and great humour inbetween songs.  

Sam's drumming "Indian style" solo on his Cajoun, was like wuuuuuuuuuw, the speed. 
They have great songs, combining the Acoustic and the Cajoun, with great singing by Daniel. I love renditions of classic songs in different styles. The guys did, Black Sabbaths, Paranoid and Guns in Roses, Sweet Child of mine.  Daniel, got into the crowd, and they both colapsed into a heep after,lol, not suprising.
I did managed to talk to the pair on camera before the evening began

From Acoustic acts, to, well, what i call, Psychedelic Punk
Spinner Fall,  are from, Oxford.
 I was expecting a Punk band, but got a lot more than that. The guitarists work reminded me of earlier Floyd,  vocalist, Tim Darch, with political, everyday lyrics and a great drumming to combine more of Psychedlic Punk feel. Whatever label you want to tag these guys, i loved the lead guitars work and the nice way the songs used bass with the lead. Not very often you see a front man on the mic with a bass.  Another great performance this band on the night. There where many punk fans in attendence and we got treated to an extra song :)

SRP's Chris Oakes said "What a brilliant night of live music, kicking off with the talented local boy Bradley Taylor, followed by Simon Dwight from Milton Keynes. The evening stepped up a gear with the marvellous cajon, guitar and vocals of Eagle & Weeks who travelled up from Southampton and the evening was capped off with some excellent post-punk from Oxford's Spinner Fall. We also had the wonderful Screamin' Jack Hawkins spinning the decks. Thanks to Steve Robinson for PA and sound and thanks to Paul Readman for broadcasting the show live on MusicWorldRadio. I am really looking forward to next month event"

All the evening was broadcast live. The sound was pretty good, all playback it is pretty much solid. The only replacement is the last band, Spinner Fall, whos sound was being frozen  by a warm laptop. Thats performance is from the audio from the video.
Bonus: Two interviews: with Eagles and Weeks and the second is with Jake Pell, who is part owner of Castle House

There are only minor cuts, about 30 seconds in all. I had a chat on camera with Eagle and Weeks and the day after, i had an on camera chat with Jake Pell, part own of the Castle House and one member of I Cried Wolf, who are a resident Rock band
All performance were recorded and will be up on Youtube

Thanks to Chris Oakes for inviting us down
Also thanks to Suzette and Jake, who are the Liencees of the Castle House to allow us to broadcast and film

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