Sunday, 11 November 2012

Views from the Outer RIm - New Lee Negin album( Review)

Welcome to the  Lee Negin Experience

Ladies and Gentles we welcome you to View the Outer Rim for you to experience. Hear, colours and sounds put together by Lee.  This entire experience pulls you in to hear ambient works, with many varieties of sounds. This is a brand new work, like being transfixed to something floating in space and time
Pioneer of electro music, Lee knows how to pull you in.  Always recording with many natural sounds mixed with synthetic and real instruments, with all this together is no easy task.
From, The Floating World, to, The Ebb and Flow, it is journey like no other. This is not the first ambient release Lee has composed, but this is one his finest

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  1. Cheers. mate! Perhaps an interview before the year's end!? Bests, LN