Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Actors Studio Tom Criuse

I have seen many of these on Youtube a its the right place to see actors, not acting.  Last night i saw the one with Tom Cruise.
One thing i learned from watching this, is that his name is not fake, its his own.  He has got four birth names, but Tom Cruise is his first and second name. I always thought Cruise was odd and always thought he changed it for acting, like any actors and musicians do, but on this occasion their real.
I have not seen all of Toms films, although i have seen Top Gun. Jerry Maguire, and all the Mission Impossible films.  I always wondered how in the hell Tom Cruise got into film because he started in his early 20s

He bought a lot out here, i did not know what to expect. I was very impressed by what he was saying and had no idea he was that involved in making films. I knew he makes money every time he released a picture and knew he has got total control over the MI films, but i wanted to find out more.
This was filmed round about the same time. The Samurai was released and they talked about his earlier work a great deal.
Tom Cruise, may have a peter pan complex as he seems to not age even though its nearly 50 now and he has an ego, well who doesn't, but i was very impressed.
The one thing i noticed and not many actors do in this series is talk to the audence and John lipton like it was a huge family.  Cruise likes being around people and he said that with his films, bh makes way for other actors in his films. He make get top billing as he has been producing every film he has been in practically for over 10 years. but he did say, you have got to communicate with everyone and let everyone breath.

His favourite thing is laughter and he was doing that a lot. I know that he threw everyone which is antics with is last wife, but in film he is 3000% commited and does a lot of research before every film.

Interview with a vampire was mentioned, not much, which was amusing and John said, Ann Rise did not like the idea either.  He said it was fun to play...who wouldn't want to play a vampire.

The other point that struke me is that he said he is rich, like its a joke, but does not take a fee immediately, depends on how the films does.  Obviously he strikes deals and people know who he is, but he does put a lot of work into films

I like the fact that the company hired a local threatre for the studients to watch, The last Samuria
The actors studio interview

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