Saturday, 17 November 2012

(Album review) The Cherry Bluestorms - Transit of Venus

The Cherry Bluestorms
Transit of Venus
Rock Pop

Not many albums come your way that honestly grab your attention very quickly.  Transfit of Venus, has a great title,  which, for a change is not taken from an album track title.   This is one of the best albums in this style i have heard in some time.
Bringing an energy and warmth and atmosphere, which honestly you don't get much from a lot of modern music.
The one part of the album i think stands out is the harmony sang on several songs.  This works very well between Deborah and Glen as they sing in two different tones.  This also works as it is not over used and only on particular songs. Daisy Chain is one and Fear of Gravity where the  harmony is only on the chorus.  There are slow ballads and more faster passed songs, like, The Mirror Cracked.
Songs intros are a running theme thoughout the album. The song, Here, has Glen going through a guitar effects peddle of the first minute of the song, with Deborah singing, then the drums kick in and the song opens.

You have several songs with a simular idea, like, Awakening. 
This opens with, what i call, a baby chime for the first 30 seconds, very different.  All the songs have catchy riffs that pull you in, which is apparent in every song.  The band have a Pop Rock style, but it could be Acoustic Electric Rock, but it doesn't matter. The music glides along very nicely. Glen recorded the album in his studio and then took it to someone to mix down.  
The one suprise is Baby, Your a Rich Man, which opens the album and one of a couple of faster passed songs.  This is actually a Beatles cover, which i never noticed, but its not a carbon copy of the original, which is always refreshing.   The song has got a very catchy opening, which might be recognisable, but the rest of the song makes you think ' Have i heard this before'?
From Baby Your a Rich man, the only cover, to the apt, Departure, as its the last song on the album, fantastic album, ment to be played as a whole album.  In terms of comparisons i would say is The Pretenders, if you have never heard the music before.  Kind of the same style, but i will everyone else to decide...

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