Saturday, 17 November 2012

( Album review) Rattlin Bone - Life and Death of

Album review
Rattlin Bone
Swamp Blues

This is a music project from three people: Wily Bo Walker, Karena K and Lil Neill

Want to sum up this album up in one line?
Like Tom Waits with a Blues Orchestra......

General review

The scene is set...Rain pouring down outside and your sat lounging in a smokey bar while the band is playing.  This will remind you of Tom Waits, especially with the husky voice and the style of music.
The Life and Death of is an old style Blues for the next generation.  Harking back to the 40s-50s, in a solo performing way not big band and nice steady basslines.  The male singer, Wily, does sound like a drunken Tom Waits, husky voice, like he's being held up by a piano in a bar. With Karena on the backing vocals and Lil on the Trombone
The album introduces the husky voice with Shoot me Down and the backing singer (Only studio one), Karena K.
Great arrangement, from trombones to triangles.  In places, sounds like segment from a 60's spy thriller.  From Shoot me Down to I'm Going Home, the same style all the way through and by the time the last song ends, you would have finished drinking you beer and to go home, but the music will never leave you, neither will the bar

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