Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Laptops, tablets and Smartphones

Ooooooooooooh no, their taking over the woooooooooooorld
Not really, but it sometimes feels like it ;)


Recently, Google have decided to branch out and really has given us more choice. The first created a search engine that everyone says and uses, then they branched out into hardware, which was in partnership with Samsung. This is where they introduced the operating system Android, which like Windows is open source.
Now, they have released, netbooks, with Samsung.  I saw a review on one by American, Chris Parilo, yesterday and i must say, its good to see a laptop design, for once, without Windows or iOs running it. This one has, Android on it.

I got sucked in

I have been amused myself how many smartphones i have had in under a year.  Smartphones are larger than non internet phones. I think thats the reason why many might have trouble.
The reason why they are big, is one, they have a larger screen and two. you can access the net.
The one thing i discovered this week that i did not really think about... why touch screen.
Well older smartphones, like Blackberry have physical keyboard, which now i do not like.  Partly the reason for the onscreen keyboard is that they can be updated, added to or changed, as its software not a plastic object on the phone

Over a year ago i said to my wife' Why do i need a smartphone....which is true, why did i need one.? Before that, i had a non net phone and to be honest, i did not know what the fuss was about.
That is until i got my hands on an 3gs iphone.

Yes, i did have an iphone to start with, but it amazing how practical they are.  The one app that really is outstanding is the Google Map.  This app is the one great reason for getting a smartphone. If you get lost( And there is a signal * Cough*) you can find out where you are
It works wonders and a lot better that the dire satnavs that are supposed to get you from a-b, but instead, land you in the F puddle

The reason i did not have my iphone for very long, its not open source phone. This is where i do not like Apple in general. They stay in their own courner release products you have to rob a bank to buy and through their toys out of the pram against Samsung,  really, geeez, get a flamin grip

The PHONE, that i will keep.....until the ......*Cough* the next one comes along * Cough*

I then went through a few phones and finally, am settled with a Samsung Galaxy s2, with the Android operating system. Light, smart, new enough to get updated( Waaahooo) and you can expand the memory, which i like doing. Yes you have dropbox and icloud, but what you have you have no connect to retreave it......think about that....did ya???? ;)

Yes it is a mindfield

Do....your...research.  i remember when i got my most recent laptop, going through Facebok and website, my head started to spin....STOOOOOOOP. I then went for a laptop through Ebay, which i have am using now.
I advice anyone wanting to get a smartphone, netbook, laptop or anything that started with the word smart, device or tablet, phone or laptop related... ask yourself, what are you going to use it for????
Also, youtube is an amazing tool for looking around and especially unboxing videos, these are great for knowing what you are getting with them and most people on vlogs turn them on
If you can, and you have enough confidence, go second hand or part exchange for something.  If you do not want to go on contract and Pay as go go phones outright your talking £300 upwards, go for a second hand or referbished one.  But whatever you do, do not go for a fake. fakes are half the price because they are half the power and a different operating system

Thats my take on the smartphone world. It seems like a mindblowing experience. But, there is information out there to help you and just ask.....you will not feel stupid asking simple questions because like you, your not the only person with a smartphone

Thanks for reading

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