Saturday, 17 November 2012

(Album Review) Clockwise- Faders on Stun

Album Review
Faders on Stun

Opens with Opposite Attack, like a blur/ Oasis 90s feel with the vocals and nice guitar solo. A lot of English sounds to the song, simple and nice harmony throughout.
This sets the tone with punk, rock styles with the pop overlay.  The band travelling to Liverpool has definitely had an impact on Claudes songwriting, who is also the lead vocalist.  You hear a lot of influences from Aztec Camera and nice touch with the stranglers style keyboard sounds on Boom Town
This is their Third album from the band, flows very well from one pop song to the next.  For a modern album.  it's like a capsule back in time. The guitar riffs, with the basslines and the drum loops really makes you feel like you are listening to an Aztec Camera style pop music for the 00s

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