Sunday, 18 November 2012

Band radio features

Ever since i started doing live radio broadcast you highlight a band. Something stands out or you get a good submission in or you come across a good live set
This can be any style and sound, but the sound at is chosen, is because we like or or we know both i and the audience will like

Main feature

Its a good idea to have an album release or lengthy ep.  We also ask for any live song as its good idea to mix up the audio so that people get an idea what you sound like in the studio and on stage.  This can be upto 4 songs, every half hour or so, depends how long the song are. We leave it open to so that people can request songs they like of the artist

Independent Show

On Thursday nights we have colaborated with New Usb, who promote the Independent scene. We choose an act or two for the show. When more than one act is chosen for a main feature we play the songs back to back. This show is broadcast as normal to the station i am actually with, Music World Radio, the Raymond, head of New Usb, pipes it through his stations, which is another four.

For more information
Contact me, DJ Readman
Or Raymond Rowe

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