Sunday, 11 November 2012


First time I have ever mentioned this and now I write blogs, why not
Right, getting down to business,
When this country was going through ww2 you had no choice but to fight.  Many went abroad and many stayed at home and many were in concentration camps(Clive Dunn for one who passed away this week)
Yes it was a world war, because many parts of the world were at war.  Ww1 and Ww2 were the two larger battles this planet has every seen this side of 1900 in the modern world.  If we had lost, the world would not be the same.
Thank god for many real heros on land, air, foot, sea, we were saved from, let's face it a real threat of the Germans and their allies.  Yes, don't forget Germans had friends in the war, they certainly could not have done it alone.
Many lives were lost, in fact many thousands upon thousands were lost and some we do not even know about, which is very sad.
I am not going to make this a huge blog as there are many documentaries and colour footage of the war which you can find on of the...dare I say it the wonders of the modern world, lol
Learn from these events and to be honest in the current climate, think yourself lucky we are not in ww3, in fact I am amazed we are not....but no one in their right mind, wants they?
Remember the fallen, the reason we are here today

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