Friday, 23 November 2012

Buena Vista

This was a company, which is the side name for a disney distribute film company
I was watching a channel i am subscibed to, The Multimedia Chronicles, the other night and Sean, he that run the channel bought this company name up.
Aparantly, Mill Creek, which is a dvd distribution company who are well know for releasing low budget Public domain films, main Speghetti Westerns have now touched on films by Buena Vista, which are copy righted films
Usually, Mill Creak release really cheap DVDs and as you are going to expect with cheap sets, the quality is not top notch.

New releases

The new string of releases is from Buena Vista and includes a mixture of b moveies and some other movies that had theatrical releases, but not as well known and released them. This because Buena Vista are no longer bothered with the films
Mill Creek have released 4 movies on 2 DVD sets and 2 films on blueray.  I did wonder,why they only released two films on the Blue Ray, when the discs have more space on them??

You have Hollywood Homicide( Harrison Ford and fine film) and Hudson Hawk( Bruce Willis, not the best film, but still a major release), which may not be the most popular films, but well known all the same on the same DVD and many other on Blueray

Mill Creek site

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