Friday, 16 November 2012

Independent Variety Show, yes or no?

For a very long time, a well as other ideas, i have been wanting to do just an Independent show. I get submissions all the time and i always leave the gate open for listeners request, which could mean anything.
I don't mind doing that, but i know from feedback from Thursday show, people like the Independent stuff more than say Depeche Mode or the Pet Shop Boys.
Because i do two shows a week, one can be left open and the other can be Independent only

Whats Independent

This is small record labels seperate from independent corporations and musicians going it alone. Many are going it alone though donation sights which is beginning to become a trend and very successful from what i have seen.
Many musicians to not like the strangehold of a big record label, but then again record labels are there for a reason as some musicians just do not know how to promote themselves

The Show

Other than changing my show name and adding film and other content along the way, my shows have stayed the same. The only difference is more Independent music has been coming through. This is mainly through social media networking.
It is possible to broadcast a two hour show with just Independent music as many i have are of a good standard.  The other reason i mix up the content is so that listeners have a choice of requesting as many independent acts are less well know, unless they have a fanbase
The Independent show will be the dualcast with New Usb as that was the idea in the first place

I put it to the listeners

Yes =  For one mixed content show and one Independent show
No =  Leave shows as they are

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