Thursday, 1 November 2012

My own recordings update

Motorcycle Man
When you make a video for a particular song, you want to use as much original shot footage as possible.  You also want to put yourself in the frame, unless you have no footage????

I managed to find footage, in the public domain and got permission from someone on youtube to use his footage for the video.  As Chris Saffle put, it needed something more personal in the video, which i wanted to do but where....then.....

I remembered recording a video not long after, Pirates in My Sink, in the ' Rum Room' which i completed by never used as i was looking down at the lyrics book to much.  I went through the song once  as i thought i never completed it
Going back i decided to put myself in the Chorus sections and other footage around it
There is a first cut, which i am going to send to the Youtube user to make sure he is fine with the footage, then upload it. I wish i had the program power to make the video better quality, as in HD, but see what i can do on later videos

The Vegetarian has been chosen for a podcast

Diane Marie, presenter on Radio station, New Usb, with over 600 artists on their roster, is hosting recorded podcast on the website
Raymond Rowe, owner of newusb asks all artists for their permission, which is really professional of him and really was not expecting
My song was chosen by Diane, because she liked it, which was good, as i didn't even have to chose.
This link here will direct you to the album section of my Facebook, where the link to request and listen to all current song, original and remix are uploaded, including the song, Diane Chose
The song is a horror song in spoken word style, as dark as i could get it on an Acoustic guitar

Thankyou for reading and enjoy

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