Sunday, 3 February 2013

( Non Radio) (Article) X factor style Wrestling

I have recently been watching, The legends of wrestling on Youtube. This is a panel of wrestlers young and old, talking on various wrestling subjects, like the Canadian effect and families

In this modern age, wrestling has got really weak, in terms of content and i often wondered why. Have the companies had to calm things down on screen due to their audience getting younger?

I went to Youtube and watched some documentries and i found a few things that changed wrestling attitudes. The real wresting as in chain wrestling, or mat wrestling as its called, is the original wrestling.  This dates back to when wrestling first started and circus acts, upto the 1920s.  The first turning point and death of actual wrestling, was when someone printed the ' All will tell' of wrestling.
Over the next few years, wrestling went back to territories, but something else was changing.. Wrestlers we becoming actors.  From real wrestling to performance wrestling
At the start, matches were very long, upto a few hours.  This put audiences off and attendences decreased.
After the war, attendences picked up again, with wrestling gimics. Then wrestling slowed down again, as people got tired of it. Wrestling has also never been classed as a sport, which is what i thought it was, but not. I sport is classed as a sport, when there is competition to win.  With wrestling people do win belts and matches, but its more scripted.

The turning point for wrestling and has stayed to this day was TV. Because of pervious failing to hold audience, wrestling, combined with acting and the wrestlers own personality was the thinking of all company from the last 70s onwatds  People say 'fake wrestling'..well you still get wrestling, but its more on performance than win.  Its planned out to a degree but like a football match, you can't predict what is going to happen 100%, it would take the fun out of it.

The main audience don't know what they are talking about and only register what they see on screen.  I am always fasinated with history with subject i am interested in. I have loved wrestling since the late 80s when English wrestling was very popular. When that was axed, i found out American wrestling and at first, i did not like it as its was not what i was used to.  Maybe the English wrestling was not all that different to what i thought it was, but english wrestling was  and looked more undergroun.

There is more than one wrestling business, but because of TV, they mostly relied on the performance side of the business. With the exceptions of ECW, which bought back the real wrestling and went extreme, but due to bad management at the end, it closed down, which was really unfortunate.

I agree with what Jerry' The king' Lawer, who mentioned in a recent interview about people wanting the return of the attitude era. He said( Something like) 'People want the attutide ara back. But when they see someone get hurt, they get upset. You can't have it both ways.
 You have to put bums on seats, sell tickets and sell to networks...thats the way it goes

Dj Readman....wrestling fan

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