Sunday, 10 February 2013

(Live Radio Show) Chris Saffle live chat special

To the STAAATION........Music!

Saturday night ( February 9th) We had special guest/ co host, from Texas Prahjektz aka, Chris Saffle

After a 15 year hiatus, Chris returned to music by takling reason.  He likes colaborating with others as he has done with Rachel O' Hara from Among the Echos and on several songs with Chris Oakes of the Strummer Room Project

The one suprise i discovered when i was looking through his Soundclouds, that he has done a lot of covers. I discovered that all his covers he singer them, no samping...yes he can sing
It was a busy night on the Radio Variety Show, with many listeners, including, Ian, from, Among the Echos, asking questions. A few Independent acts were played on the request of Chris, who chose most of the playlist
including, Silverspark, 68-75 and Among the Echos.
He he a big Nick Cave fan, so we played a film clip and a song from, The Proposition
Here is the full uncut show

This was prior to the show, about 2 hours before to test the skype quality. On the spur of the moment i recorded a clip. This is the video introduction of Chris Saffle

Chris is now looking for more colaborations, planning another ep, which is totally different from his current work. They guy works like a slot machine on speed with song...i kid you not ;)

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  1. Great show Paul. Loved hearing Chris's music and my new friends 68-75 on the show!