Wednesday, 12 September 2012

True Blood

My and my wife both love this TV series.

The story at the beginning or the outline is that vampires are now able to come out of the dark due to the Chinese inventing synthetic blood.  This is bottled and sold in bars and allows them to drink in public. Buuuut as everyone knows from other vampire stories, many still want the taste of human blood.

I don't like much TV, there is so much rubbish, its like, why bother.  Every now and again something comes along and you think wow, do they seriously make them like this anymore?

True Blood is like the mature version of Buffy the vampire slayer( She gets mentioned in the series)  but instead of a vampire slayer, there is soockie( Anna Paquin( Xmen) as a waitress in a local bar with telepathic powers.( Read people)  This may sound a little cheese perhaps, but the location and the way things just come out of the screen and just shock you, it pretty unqiue and what drew me in

I love vampirism, but the one thing that always flaws me is things like Twiglight and the Vampire Diaries. Vampire Daries was written from the same people who bought you Dawsons Creek, in the senses its so watered down i wouldn't even bother.

Twilight is the move verions of Buffy the Vampire slayer just weeker and near enough exactly the same plot, only difference is, the lead woman is just normal, no powers. Although Twitlight is actually from a series of books, if you like a good vampire theme and stories , stick with True Blood.

I have seen comments refering to the fact that there is too much sex and what do you thiink vampire do ' Shimmer'? no, thats what their like. Their creatures of the night who hunt at night for human blood and turn many ' victims' into their own kind

You see this in True blood when you see Bill, due to a punishment of killing a vampire, he has to turn a stunning young woman into a vampire. I find it curious they cover themselves with soil to turn them, other than the fact daylight is coming.

One other reason i like True Blood, is the Charactors and its intense  like nothing i have seen on TV in years. Its taken from a serious of books, which for some reason really stray from the book. Some charactor in the book are barely mentioned, yet are more up front in the series. True blood TV series is branch of the franchise, just like the comics of True Blood.

From someone who loves realism when it comes to vampirism and stores, really likes gore and what vampire are then watch True Blood... Nothing else compares
HBO are to comended to show what they show on broadcast time. They episodes are around 11 minutes short of an hour long, which i would say, is rare for TV broadcast as you have to put advertisments in

This is a link to all 5 seasons so far of True Blood
Some are DVD ripps, most are  TV broadcast recordings. Watch out for the huge 5 minute, 'previous episides intros, they do get tedious after a while

Dj Readman  - On True Blood :)

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