Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Dog Food one mic and the id Kid

Well last.night was a blast. The whole bamd came and jest was fryer tuck masterchef for the evenihg, laying on a banquet.
Loads of technicals with.the mixing deck. Why oh why it did not ecepect a mix and into stereo os anyones guess. 
After me dashing aroubd finding leads and half the night flying past,  we ending up with an awsome performance with everything going through on mic, in the middle of the room.

In the end, it all worked. Mr Simon who was also in thr band, Betty and the Id (not i.d as i thought) finally met Magick after 4 years. Also, first time we met Bird(guy) sound man and bass player, dr jest, agent strang   and the Bird(women) with the camera, Andrea, who Magick along.

Its waaaaas recorded, it waaaaas filled, now down to editing and upload

Book these guys, their a right laugh

Dj readman

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