Tuesday, 14 May 2013

(Album Review) The Cherry Bluestorms - Bad Penny Opera

As always, Glen, Deborah and the rest of the musicians involved, deliver the goods

Opens with an Instrumental, Bad Penny Opera, very film interlude in style.  The instrumental also made me realise that the recording has a rawer sound.
As Above So Below, is my favourite song, which is one of the songs on the album recorded earlier than some of the other songs on the album.  One element of the album i love are the harmonies that Glen and Deborah sing.  They do very well and are second to none.

The Cherry Bluestorm sound is, American Pop Rock.  The other songs that i like that were probably recorded earlier as well are, A Better Place and By Your Leave, which i heard when i interviewed the duo back in 2012.
There is definitely a a rawer sound to the music with the vocals more prominent and the music slightly distant on many of the songs, which was not apparant on Transit in Venus.  The one nice suprise was Glenn on vocal duties, opening are very "Police riff" on, World Going Mad, To Love You is a Crime and Start Again. I also like the organ sound on the album as well, giving it a slight retro feel.
The album to listen to is great, with a nice variety or sounds and pace.  Although i got the impression that the album was recorded either in different times or in difference places as the recorded sound is different.  The songs mentioned above have the, Transit of Venus, sound, very polished and the harmonys are more, together, as with the other songs, you can tell the voices are more apart, although there is no difference in the vocal quality

Paul Dj Readman
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